Why We’re “HR’s Alter Ego”

MyZolve was born out of Employee of Choice, Inc. (EOC) which is an organization committed to advocating for the world’s citizens in the workplace, improving their ability to interact more effectively at work in order to reduce the likelihood of unemployment (aka getting fired). EOC’s vision was to create a safe space for the world’s most vulnerable employees to discuss and resolve workplace issues at a minimal to no cost.

Enters MyZolve … a mobile app and web platform that serves as “HR’s Alter Ego”, providing employees with on-demand access to workplace advice. MyZolve provides users with a FREE self-help tool that allows them to describe the situation they are facing and provides advice and resources to start them on the path to resolution.

Additionally, there are low-cost chat and call (voice + video) options that put users in touch with an expert Employee Advocate for unbiased and confidential assistance. For more complex matters, the platform provides the option to open a case, where users are able to engage with an Employee Advocate for an extended period of time as they work together to develop a plan of action to address the users concern.

One of the main things that stands out about MyZolve is the fact that it is a place where “Your Boss is Not Welcome!” That’s right, MyZolve works directly with employees and does not accept funds from corporations in order to avoid bias and to ensure confidentiality for our users. We understand that when faced with challenges such as rebutting a negative performance review or more complex issues such as discrimination, there are simply times when people feel more comfortable seeking outside advice. HR’s Alter Ego is the perfect solution.

Don’t hesitate to take the first step to resolving your workplace concerns today. Our team is committed to advocating on your behalf for the best possible outcome!


MyZolve Founder Featured in “The Financial Diet”

MyZolve CEO & Founder, Meme Scott was featured in a recent article,“3 Signs Your Boss May Actually Be Super Toxic — & 5 Rights You Have To Protect Yourself.” In this piece, Hope Lewis dives into different forms of toxic workplace behavior. HR experts share their tips and actionable steps to address some of these behaviors that are commonly faced in the work environment.

Read on to see if the “Threat to Pet Phenomena” or “Tone Policing” resonate with workplace experiences that you or someone you know have had. If this article brings to light workplace issues that you need assistance with — check out MyZolve for expert advice today!