Have you ever wondered “what’s up with him” or the more likely “what the hell is wrong with her?” after an encounter with your boss? Yeah, me too! In this series we discuss signs that your boss is just not that into you. But, more importantly, we will discuss potential why's and what to do about it! Here is the 2nd sign.

Sign #2: My manager “ghosts” me in the mornings and at the end of the day. I never know where he is!

Disappearing act? It has happened to the best of us. Especially when it comes to that crush that you just knew was the one. But then, poof! They are gone. As if, they vanished into thin air. In the world of work, it has become a “new thing” that employees are ghosting employers. You and I know that there is nothing new about this. Employees have been ghosting their employers since the beginning of time. But…what about managers?

As an HR professional, one of the complaints I have heard from employees is that they never know where their manager is. The manager comes in late and leaves without telling anyone. Frankly, this is not uncommon. Managers tend to have a lot going on that could require them to be away from the office at random times during the day. However, if your manager is constantly “ghosting” you and it is affecting your ability to get your work done (see Sign #1 on Communication), it may be time to have a conversation.

Explain how these disappearing acts are affecting your workday and try to come to some sort of agreement around how to get in touch during the day. Let’s be real, your manager really does not owe you an explanation for what they do with their time. That is for their boss to deal with, but when ghosting affects OUR jobs, you best believe it is our business and we should speak up about it. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for when we are ghosted by a significant other. *sigh*

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Tune in next week for Sign #3: My boss talks about his ex (employee that is) all the time!