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Through my web and mobile application, my team and I work with you to get things done and when cooperation from the other side is not evident, we advocate on your behalf for the best possible solution!

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I am the Founder & CEO of Employee of Choice, Inc. and the MyZolve workplace advocacy brand. I like to call myself HR’s “Alter Ego.” While I have over 19 years of experience as an HR professional and leader, I have always been somewhat of a renegade. I believe in truly advocating for employees which is why I left the world of corporate HR. I created MyZolve as an online platform and mobile application that offers truly unbiased, untainted advice on workplace issues. True employee advocacy. Not the balancing act that HR is forced to do as employees of corporations.

I am committed to ensuring that this unbiased advice is accessible to our underrepresented and disadvantaged employee populations. This is why the MyZolve Self-Help Tool is completely free! Also, you can donate credits to your friends and family who may be in need of one on one advice with one of our Advocates. You can contact me at or simply request a chat or call and I just might be assigned as your advocate! I look forward to helping you with improving your work experience and taking on any conflict, passive aggressiveness, microaggressions, discrimination, or harassment you may face in the future. Interested in becoming an Employee Advocate? Learn more at!

Meme Scott Founder & CEO

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